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Motian in Motion

A feature documentary about the late legendary jazz drummer Paul Motian. This project is currently in post-production.

Untitled David Amram Film

Over the last several years, Aquapio has filmed David in various venues around the country. Aquapio looks forward to bringing the life story of a true American Master to everyone who loves music and life. This project is currently in production.

Isn’t It Delicious

A fractured family of misfits finds — and tries to fix — themselves — in this hilarious and heartbreaking story of a mother who seeks understanding in her tarnished relationships, while finding personal peace, self-forgiveness and love.

Operation Lysistrata

Operation Lysistrata illuminates the way in which two women transformed their individual aspirations for peace into a movement which allowed the global community to share in their vision.

Behind the Wall

Behind the Wall documents life on both sides of The Berlin Wall through the eyes of ordinary citizens as well as several famous political figures from the former East Berlin.

Half a Soulja

Half a Soulja is a documentary about a severely handicapped man’s struggle not to be marginalized. This project is currently in production.

Blood for Blood

Blood for Blood is a feature-length screenplay based on William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The story has been updated and set in Harlem during the crack epidemic of the 1980s. This project is currently in development.

Point Of View

A gutsy female news anchor races the clock to prevent a politically motivated execution of a patsy who is hours away from the electric chair. This project is currently in development.