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Point Of View


Point of View is a stylish thriller told from four different perspectives: The murderer, his girlfriend, a politically ambitious former D.A., and the detective on the case. A young black man is convicted of murder in an apparent slam-dunk case, which begins to unravel five years later on the eve of his execution. The real murderer – a hit man – is caught after murdering two police officers, and in an effort to save himself; he implicates a powerful state senator and a corrupt local government. Only Maxine Benny, the anxious journalist, is searching for the truth, while the others need to protect themselves by expediting the execution of an innocent man. Sampson Blue, the former district attorney who won the wrongful conviction of the condemned man, is now trying to protect his future in politics. Police detective Danny Love only wants to avenge his fallen comrades. Jake Boone, the hit man who committed the original murder, needs to clear his conscience before he gets the inevitable bullet, thus his confession to Sampson and Maxine. Melissa Rage, a down on her luck stripper and Jake’s girlfriend, wants desperately to start a new life far away from this town. Senator Sebastian Ruby, the brains and money behind the original murder, wants to live out his life as the unscathed political legend. This disturbing story is relived again and again through the eyes of each of these characters.